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ART: 'Cause I Can Carry You on my Back (Harry/Louis; G)

Title: 'Cause I Can Carry You on my Back
Artist: thedeathchamber
Rating: G
Characters: Harry/Louis
Notes: So I couldn't resist making some art for the beautiful fic Purer than the Water (like we were) by FeelsforBreakfast. This scene is one of my favorites, but the whole thing is a little heartbreaking and just lovely. The title is from the song 'It's Beginning to Get to Me' by Snow Patrol.
(Water is hard. Anatomy is a bitch.)

"Give me your hand.” Harry says slowly, letting the camera fall against his chest.


Harry holds his out, warm fingers and wide palms that Louis wants to touch more than anything. There’s a tiny white scar on his middle finger and a tiny fleck of pink nail polish on his left pinkie and Louis wants to press tiny fish kisses against his knuckles until neither of them tremble anymore. “Come on.”

Louis pulls a hand out from under his chin and reaches up, letting his fingers brush against Harry’s. Harry folds Louis’ hand between his, warm, dry skin against Louis’ pond slick hands. Louis almost forgot how all of this felt, how human and warm hands are supposed to be, the way he can feel Harry’s heartbeat through the plum skin of his flesh. Breakable.

And a close-up:


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