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ART (+ drabble): Already dead, John. (Sherlock/John. In the Flesh AU; G)
Title: Already dead, John.
Artist: thedeathchamber
Rating: G
Pairing (sort of): Sherlock Holmes/John Watson
Notes: The result of my admiration for In the Flesh coupled with by obsession for Sherlock and inspiration provided by doomslock's AU edit (although John is alive in this scenario). Just a sketchy something but I had to get it out of my head.


"Ah, John, I trust you weren't expecting me for dinner?" Sherlock closed the door behind him with his foot as he unbuttoned his coat.
"Nope." John didn't look up from his laptop.
Sherlock pouted, staring at the side of John's head. "There's been a break in the case."
"Oh." John looked up with a frown, which faded when he saw Sherlock struggling with his scarf, the cloth caught on the staples of the tracheotomy scar on the front of his neck.
He lifted himself out of his armchair with an exaggerated groan and walked over to Sherlock. "Will you just wait a minute? You're going to rip it."
Sherlock lifted his gaze to the ceiling. "Couldn't you sew it shut?"
John shook his head. "I'm not sure that's a good idea." He pressed the scarf absently into Sherlock's hand but didn't move away.
"Why?" Sherlock asked, looking back at John.
"Your skin isn't... the elasticity..." John trailed off. His brow furrowed and he raised a hand to inspect the hole in his shirt, tracing the burnt edges in the cloth.
"Jesus, Sherlock!" John gripped his upper arm before he could move away. "You've been shot!" he cried.
Sherlock gave him a look. "Already dead, John."



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